Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Twittery Bird goes fishing

It's no secret that I am totally and madly in love with everything from silent sparrow. hyasynth Tiramisu is a goddess of gorgeous details. I profess my undying love for her here. *end seriously creepy fangirl bit here *
Dreaming of the Ocean
The cute hair I'm wearing is the Brite hair from Gritty Kitty. I hate Noam for making such cute girl hair and taking all my moneys. Shame on you!!!! <_<
Fishing for a dream
And last but certainly not least in case you have been living under a rock somewhere you might have noticed the fishing rod in my hand. This is of course for the 7 seas fishing game that has been blogged all over and rightfully so! It is a ton of fun and if you have the time (and trust me you will waste many hours of your life playing this) go out and try it. There is a vendor set up at the docks in the silent sparrow sim, so after you go and get yourself some pretties from the shop take the stairs and wander outside to the docks and do some fishing!

Ta Da! Credits!

beloved suite ~ ~silentsparrow~
BLACK Brite ~Gritty Kitty
Deception Boots ~SiniStyle
Nomine Neko - Tiger ~ Nomine
Bedroom Lashes ~ Cake
Neko Panther EyeZ Large Iris ~ Emortal Eyez
Pierced Neko ears and belted tail ~Lazy Places *still not released ^^;*

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