Saturday, April 26, 2008

Theft of boots

Today is a sad day in the Lazy Places world. Some unseemly character has ripped off a pair of Sakura's boots and is selling a more expensive inferior version of her Trailmix boots. I will not mention the store here because there is no reason to look at the boots or drive up this persons traffic. Even out of a sad event such as this Sakura holds her head high and has placed all her boots on sale 50% off and is offering free leg bandannas for the week. Here is the notecard she sent out....

It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that we have been the victims of Alleged content theft. Dmca is being filed and the Lindens have been notified. We had plans of releasing new products today, however due to this issue new releases have been put on hold.

So what does this all mean for you our loyal customers?


That's right! We aren't going to let cheap copies beat us down! (cheap as in allegedly copied and badly textured o.o and they cost more! O_o)

Want the original Trailmix paw boots? They will be $150ld Trailmix special edition $160ld Prowlers $200ld Trackers $150ld Laarzen $125ld

Oh and guess what??
Free Leg bandannas for all!! Show your support for original content creation in sl. These cute bandannas feature our lazy kitty logos and are scripted for easy resizing. They are also Transfer only.

From now on any content released by Sakuradawn Lei will be Transfer only. This means that all items will feature scripted resizers. All older content has different permissions so please check carefully before purchasing.

I have learned my lesson when it comes to releasing mod items. At the time I made the Trailmix boots the resizer script wasn't available. I hope you can all understand my reasons for doing this.

Big Giant Squishy Hugs to all who will support us during this time. We thank you will all of our hearts.

~The Lazy Places team

Sakuradawn Lei & Sven Okonomi

The Trailmix boots are one of the first pairs of boots she made for her shop and she continues to update and make special versions of these boots.

The Trailmix boots are perfect for any furry, neko or anyone wanting to leave a trail or pawprints behind them. The choices for prints are bear, skunk, mouse, rabbit, big cat, small cat and of course canine.
Special lucky trash can boots in white

Special Edition red boots with added heart trail

Old school black leather trailmix boots

And just for added kicks here is Sakura rocking a biker elf look wearing her freebie bandanna and black trailmix boots.

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