Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sales abound

There are lots of sales going on across the grid and today I am going to focus on the sale at Aleri Darkes. As it is when Aleri puts out a new release one color of it is always on sale for the first 24 hours, but now there is a 50% off sale going on until this Friday, May 2ND for those of you keeping score at home. Needless to say I trotted my little tush over there to grab up a few goodies and will be going back. I tried something a little different with my pictures this time mostly because I am lazy. Normally when you land you need to head into Diversity Hair and turn right, but for the sale the clothes are also set up in Diversity Hair.

click image for a lager one if you can't read the words

Clothing- Aleri Darkes
Hair- Calla
Shoes- Aphrodite Creations
Skin- Denier Cri

I appoligize for the incoherent nature of this post. I was rushing to get it done before shipping my son off to school for the afternoon.

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