Monday, April 21, 2008

Pew, Pew

So I check the feeds today and lo and behold that darn Noam is out to get my moneys again!!! The to freakin-cute-retro-omfg-its-a-sparky-spacegun Astro Space Zapper was released in the Gritty Kitty store much to my dorky delight. I have spent much of my time today randomly pointing at things and going pew, pew! The set includes a cute belt, Astro Space Zapper gun and a hud. The hud is used to do the poses and make the cute pew, pew sound. The gun doesn't shoot bullets or any of that stuff but does have sparks that randomly fall from it. The belt is adorable, but I had to adjust it because my bunns and hips are large (I'm a woman, we have hips, we are not sticks!)Click the photos below if you would like to see a bigger version.


Stop right there or I'll shoot...

Pew, Pew!

Astro Space Zapper ~ Gritty Kitty

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