Monday, April 7, 2008

Lucky chair finds....edition one

Sakura and I thought it may be nice to show some off the nice items you can get if you are patient enough to wait. Okay so maybe we aren't patient so much as we are crazy and stalkerish. Today find is just one of the items that you can get at Solange in their lucky chair this month. The lucky chair actually has 4 items, a long elegant dress, matching shoes, a lovely hat, and lastly a set of red silks that I am about to show you.

Now I am not a big silk wearer, I tend to wear them for events and that is it. That being said I really like these because the bottoms and the armbands have resizer scripts in them making it easier for them to be fit to your avie.

Silks- Innocence silks (red) lucky chair Solange
Hair- Sonia in black(now on discount wall) ETD
Skin- Liliana-pecan-tulip La Sylphide
earings- gift from someone

If you have a favorite lucky chair place feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

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