Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Booty, Big Bunny!!!

XD Ok I'm corny I know, I know But I couldn't resist. I finally got around to picking out a dress at Big Booty, Big Money. I had such a hard time! I love everything in that store and I will be back for more! *hears wallet sobbing in corner and kicks it* Also I was inspired once again to blog in my furry form after seeing Achariya Rezak's post over on Achariya.net

So here we go in all my fuzzy furry glory!Yay again for windlight. I believe I took this photo using the Sailors Delight setting, but I kinda forget ;_; Also this was taken at my home, I'm a lucky bunny to live in such a beautiful place.

Now on to what I am wearing!

The dress is the Auto Da Fe Red Dress from Big Booty, Big Money. I believe this dress comes in 6 colors. I fell in love with the big poofy skirt and the beautiful top. You also get two skirt options. The lovely version with the bows at the end and the plain version. I prefer the bow version, it's so cute >_< Boots are the deception boots from Sinistyle. Awesome sculpty boots, I blogged them before so I won't go into them too much, but a new platform base has been released for them so go check them out!

Now you can't have a big booty without having big um....boobs? XD hehe. I have had a problem with white furry avatars appearing to look flat chested. I'm vain. I can't help it. I like it when my skins have nice boob shading, makes wearing low cut shirts and dresses nicer. So while wandering the grid one night I came across the Bust Shadow V.02 at Little Heaven. If you have never been to Little Heaven go! There is a demo available for the Bust Shadow so you can see how well it will work for you skin. It also comes in 3 shades and available on 3 layers so it's easy to pair it up with your outfits. This works on regular skins too, but I only use it on my furries. :p
Here is a before and after shot so you can see what I mean.

See? Before not much going on, kinda flat looking. After?? BAM!! I have boobs!!!! *taps foot waiting for you to stop staring at them* Silly perverts.

Hair is Jackie - Fire Blackened from ETD. ETD is great for hair for furs. Very easy to mod and great looking. Know any other places that are good for furry hair? Let me know! I'm always looking.

Credits fresh and just for you!!!!

Dress ~ Auto Da Fe Red Dress ~ Big Booty, Big Money
Hair ~ Jackie - Fire Blackened ~ ETD
Kani (bunny looking furry in case you're wondering) ~ Lost Creatures
Boots ~ Deception Boots ~ Sinistyle
Choker ~ ToRiCo -chain choker- [RED] ~ ::: kikis closet :::
Shoulder bunny ~ FirstRabbit Black & white spot *heart* ~ HPMD* (not available, limited to april fools day but they have other cute bunnies there ^_^)
Boobs XD ~ BustShadow_Ver.02 ~ Little Heaven

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