Monday, March 31, 2008

Yummies from the Devilish Cupcake Bake Sale

Sometimes things are just meant to be. Yesterday I was watching Sixteen Candles because well I am a sucker for those movies. Sure go ahead and try to guess my age. Anyway while watching it my love for Jake Ryan was rekindled and I decided that I HAD to have a I(heart) Jake Ryan shirt. I knew exactly where to get it too, Devilish Cupcake, I remembered it came out with that large and lovely 80's inspired release. Now if that wasn't enough to get me over there later in the evening I got the notice that they were having a "Bake Sale". So when the chance arose off I went. Of course I could not stick to getting just the shirts so here is a peek at my goodies. No not those goodies, you dirty people you!

The shirts featuring the I heart Jake Ryan one.

My pretty dress

Spandex pants paired with the dollarbie babydolls found next to the lucky chair
I also bought the running shorts, but didn't snap a picture yet. You better hurry on over to Devilish Cupcake, the sale doesn't last forever you know!

Clothing- 80's Chick shirts, Blythe gown, Spandex pants,Board4(dollarbie box) Devilish Cupcake
Skin- Blowpop- free from doing the instore survey not sure how long it's going to last so run!
Dress-Slinky Stillettos in back- Maitreya
Spandex outfit-Chucks in black- Darkstar
Kama and Logan- Philotic energy

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D. Swindlehurst said...

Who doesn't <3 Jake Ryan? I mean, really.