Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You can do your part....

in more ways then one when you venture out to the RFL clothing fair this week. Not only can you purrchase yummy treasures to load your inventory with, but you can also help a great cause!

Now with everyone wanting to get the freebies and fair exclusives it gets crowded and we all know that with crowds comes lag. Here is where you can do your part once again. Ladies forgo those flexi prim skirts and prim heavy accessories. There are tons of cute outfits with pants that your could wear. You also don't need your prim eating shoes or hair for that matter and if you have to find the shoes with the least number of prims. You can also ditch the AOs and other various HUDs. Afraid to look like a noob doing the "duck walk"? then fly. Not only will you find that your time at the clothing fair or any other lagtastic event like this you may attend. Oh and for those of you who are a little worried about heading out without hair, then fin yourself one of those lovely skin that a few people make that come with hair, or better yet find that one skin you have, and I know you have one, that you bought that you really have no chance of wearng anytime soon and go for that! Show others you care but walking like a duck and looking like a noob, it is for charity afterall :)

Oh and if you can't get into the fair you can still get some cute Relay for Life things from various designers in their main shops! I spied some cute shoes at ShinyThings last night and at Kouse's Sanctum and Nymphetamine you can find some beautiful dresses.

Go shop my lovlies and feel good about your purhases.

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