Friday, March 21, 2008

RFL More! Part 1

Phire showed off some of the pretties that you can get with a donation to Relay for Life. I'm here to show you more!! yay!! (waits for wild applause to settle down *ha ha*) I'll split it into two posts however, I kinda bought alot o.o

Some items I found at the clothing fair and some I found in the shops. I'm going to skip posting slurls though so go use search you lazy peoples!

First up is the classy and beautiful Petals in Black and Red by Awesome designs. This beautiful dress can be worn as a gown or a cute short dress. I believe this is only available at the clothing fair so hurry and get it! Also comes in two other colors ^_^
Next we have the Hathaway gown in pink from Icing. This dress is also exclusive to the clothing fair. There is a red version available in the main store, however this is the Relay for life version.
Another lovely outfit available in 3 colors is the Sendal Dress from Maitreya. I love this dress because it comes with three options for the top. V neck sweater with cute tie, turtleneck and wide turtle neck.

Next we have a couple of skins and clothing by Totally Betty and Layniewear.
First we have the beautiful Layniewear RFL Skin 3 and the Amara Dress in Purple. I found these at the mainshop, not sure if they were at the clothing fair or not. But I loved the purple eyeshadow and the purple stripe on the lip of the skin. I will definetly be back to pick up the other skins ^^ I also love the adorable flowers on the Amara dress.

Next we have the *Skin DiS RFL Team08* Naturelle makeup and *Lovely DiS RFL Team08* PURPLE/BLACK Lingerie set from Totally Betty. I love the soft makeup on the skin and the textures on the Lingerie set are lovely.

Ok that's it for this post, smexy stuff coming in next one :p

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