Thursday, March 20, 2008

RFL goodies!

So now that I have climbed down off my soapbox I thought I would show you a small sampling of the lovely items you can get with your donation.

From Mischief there is this Halter dress in white and pink

From Evie's Closet the Love Story gown

This is the gorgeous dress and accessories from Tuli with necklace from Muse. All of it comes together in one package!

Silent Sparrow has this fantastic Claire de Lune set in a trio of colors. I chose the mint because it was my personal favorite. This set comes with so many pieces and comes with hair!

Icing offers the Hathaway dress in pink and the Azalea sunset dress. I chose the Azalea dress since it is more my style and Sakura loves the Hathaway dress :)

From Pixel passion I got the lovely Isabell dress in purple.

BareRose has this cute little dress called Purple Blossom.

The last one I have for this post is the Moon and Stars belly chain from Dark Eden. When I saw this I had to snatch it right up because I am a sucker for moons and stars. The belly chain comes in three different metals and is wearable in 2 different places and comes in 2 sizes! So do your math people, that is 12 belly chains!!

Hair in all the but the Silent Sparrow photo from Truth
Skin in all the photos is the Vivant Buff Boudoir 2 from Fleur

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