Friday, March 21, 2008

RFL Even More!! Part 2

ok so the first post I concentrated on the more classy things I bought, now I shall show you the smexy!!

First LVS&Co brings us the breathtaking Autumn Goddess. I am in love with this outfit. The rich colors, the flowing cape >_<
Next we have the tal Pele Silks-RFL Edition from Analise. I love the colors and details on this. I felt like a beautiful belly dancer.

This next one made me giggle. The Cephalopod Hot Pink Silks from Dark Eden feature happy little squids covering your >_> well covering you. The part that made me laugh was the squid on the front of the skirt piece has waving tentacles. I almost died when I saw that, lol.
Also from Dark Eden is the Latex Jacket in Pink. This cute jacket is made entirely of prims! It does come in a couple of sizes so you get the right fit.

It's no secret to anyone close to me that I have a love affair with Shiny Things. The shoes there are in my opinion one of the best in SL. When Phire messaged me the other day telling me that Shiny Things had Relay for Life vendors up I ran and picked up these cute shoes! They are the Francoise Flats Pinkswirl. All the shoes in the RFL vendors are a swirl version of the Francoise Flats, so go check them out. I know I will be back to pick up some more colors ^_^
Finally I have some beautiful items from silent sparrow to show you. When the group notice went out that the RFL items were up in the mainstore, I dropped what I was doing and ran for the shop and grabbed all four items. Phire already showed you the Clair de Lune outfit in Mint so I will show you the outfit in Rose and Lavender (I have the mint too, but I don't want to bore you with a repeat :p) The outfit even comes with the cute matching hair, I love how fluffy it is on the ends!

Also from silent sparrow is the Spider baby outfit in candy. I love the deep colors of this outfit. I must note that the butterfly you see on my hand is NOT part of the outfit. I found that on Onrez. It is the Butterfly Ring [Pink] from *i-Candy* and it is not a RFL Item, but it matched the outfit well so I wore it :p

That is it for now my lovelies. As the Relay for Life fundraisers go on you will see more posts from both of us. We cannot wait to see all that the caring designers of SL have to offer. Please take the time to check out what the designers have, and if you can't purchase the items, leave a small donation in the kiosks, every linden counts.

Until there is a cure!

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