Monday, March 10, 2008

A random little post

I decided to share with you a look I threw together based on the outfit my four year old chose to wear to school today. I mean who am I to knock his fashion sense? Picture if you will a Disney tee-shirt navy blue tie dyed looking with Mickey and gang dressed as pirate. Now over that throw a plaid short sleeved button down shirt (hey at least the plaid had navy blue in it) and top it all off with gray track pants with a naby blue and red stripe running up the side. That is my son's look of the day. Here is my version of his outfit made with what I have in my inventory currently.

pants-track pants from the Cristofo set- Last Call's Moderno line
tee shirt- Ki squared
plaid shirt- Thinbles
skin- Wildflower freebie from Wintermoon
hair- Nat from Philotic Energy
sneakers- Reeboks from the Reebok sim (does it even still exist?)
Tail and ears (Work in progress)- Lazy Places--Feel free to bombard Sakura with IMs till she gets these out :p

Sorry I don't have SLURLs today but I need to get him off to school!

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