Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lucky me, Lucky you

Ran out to Koreshan to pick up the new hair at Gritty kitty called Uhura-gaz. I ended up with the green streaks because the rest of my outfit was already green <_<. I love the new textures and the style is cute. My only complaint on this hair is that while it is mod, I can't seem to get it to cover my human ears and I'm anal about that. I don't like them to show, so maybe I'll keep this hair for those odd times I want to run around like a pixie or something. Or Ill let the world see my mutant tiny pointed human ears.
The adorable Tank I'm wearing is from LaLa FooFoo. Can that name be any cuter? It's free in her store right now, so go run and grab it.
Someday I'll get better at writing these things or I'll just let you enjoy my strange ramblings....
Blah, blah, blah Credits....

LaLa FooFoo ~*LaLa Get Lucky! Tank and ~*LaLa Button Shrug - Black
Gritty Kitty GREEN STREAK Uhura-gaz
BareRose Green pants and Socks from the Inferno outfit
Akeyo Chucks (yeah a lot of people are blogging these, but they are freakin awesome)
Lazy Places Yellow peep, yellow peep collar~ Dollarbies from the spring hunt.
Ears and tail ~work in progress, will be released um...........

Quick Plug/reminder The Spring Egg hunt at Lazy Places will run until March 25th. There are 7 eggs total and each are $1ld each. Invite your friends come get the goodies and have fun.

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