Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy weekend!

It has been a very busy weekend across the grid between the Skin Fair and the opening of Rue d'Antibes not to mention a little modeling work I did. Okay so I modeled for Sakura but hey my picture is now up in her shop for all to see. Why, you may be asking yourself did Sakura need me? Well she needed a promo poster for her egg hunt. That's right kiddies she is having an egg hunt and you can get your hands on all sorts of goodies!
Tasty Peeps

We are both modeling the prizes that are hidden in the eggs.
On Sakura
Headband bunny ears and tie on tail-perfect for Nekos wanting to be an easter bunny
Peep collar and an interactive peep in her mouth

Oh me
Bunny tail and ears- I look adorable huh?
Interactive cupcake on my head
Interactive peep in my mouth
Bunneh Bait belt-it also has a paintbrush that you hold in your mouth!

Not pictured on either of us are the whiskers, they just wouldn't show up in the pictures. Anyway there are seven eggs for you to find hidden through out the shop from now until the 24th of March so get your tails on over to Lazy Places!!

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