Monday, February 18, 2008

Look at my Sn@tch

I know I know horribly dirty post title, but I couldn't resist. Sn@tch is one of those terrific stores that just does not get blogged about enough. Not only does Ivey Deschanel make fabulous clothes, she also loves her group. She has given away oodles of freebies to her group members, but I am not blogging any of those today, I am just going to blog a few of my favorites.

First of is the Sinful outfit. The minute this one was released I wanted it, but I waited and just a few days ago I got it of the RiotVend (think MobVend only punkier). The details are fabulous on this outfit with the swallow on the choker and on the back of the top.

Next in Sn@tch closet it the Barfly dress. I actually have this dress in two colors, aqua and the blood shown here. I wear this dress when I want to feel sexy and a little bit naughty with it's short short skirt. Oh and it doesn't hurt that is has a fabulous sequined texture which is my latest obcession.

And last, but certainly not least is the 80's sweater dress. This dress reminds me of the clothes my sister used to have that I would sneak into her room and try on. The prims on this dress are adorable on the upper part of the sleeves and the skirt. I happen to own it in cocoa, but I comes in other colors too.

Outfits-Sinful, Barfly and 80's Sweater Dress- Sn@tch
Hair-First and third pictures-AJ and Alayna- ETD
Second picture-Loelle- Maitreya
Shoes-Black Betties-Jeepers Creepers
Skin-Group freebie-Dutch Touch
Tail and ears-Pierced set-Lazy Places

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