Monday, February 25, 2008

First Fusion Fashion Event

So this little blogger went to her first SL fashion show today. Boy was it a learning experience for me. I mean I was a good girl and I kept my prims low. Yes I know I could have gone without any but my ego overpowered me. I took off all my attachments, including my tail and ears and boy did I feel naked!

I got there while Mankind Tracer was on stage. Wow oh wow what a great musician he is. I loved his voice oh and his singing was good too ;)After he left the stage it was time for the models to hit the runway. The poor girls had so much lag to wade through. I tried to get pictures, but not everything was rezzing properly for me and I wouldn't force you to look at my pictures of gray people. The dresses were all lovely, I was able to see them up close after the runway show.

Next time I venture to a fashion show I am going early and setting my camera right to the stage and not moving an inch. Hopefully it will go better for me. Now I am off to see what the wonderful SySy Chapman of SYD Designs put in her swag bag for fashion show attendents!

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