Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Beauty of Having a fashion blog is....

Blogging your own crap!! \o/

I finally got around to putting out the Tracker boots in my store today. They are great for furries, nekos, or anyone else who wants to look like they have giant paw feets ^_^. I made these nice and big because I was screwing around one day and thought "wouldn't it be fun to have some of those giant anime/rpg style boots, cute girl with giant boot type thingers?" <_< yeah that is probably a direct quote from me too, I talk funny. Anyways The Tracker boots were born. Oh and they Rez paw prints. You get Bear, Big cat, small cat, skunk, mouse, canine, and rabbit.
I also have here the Heart on my sleave armbelt in black and the Love me collar in black, these are also available in red. I made these with the intentions of doing a big Valentines release and then I got lazy and never did it.
So click the linkys and come buy my stuffs!!

Trackers ~ $299ld
Love Me collar (black) ~ $125
Heart on my Sleeve armbelt (black) ~$150
Lazy Places Main Store
Lazy Places Onrez (Sakura's stuff)
Lazy Places Onrez (Sven's stuff)

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