Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bad blogger!

Okay okay so it has been too long since my last blog, but hey I was busy! Have you ever tried to clean out your inventory? It was a scary undertaking, I mean who knew I had so much stuff and why I even bought some of it in the first place. It is amazing how much ones tastes can change in over a year of being in the SLuniverse.

I learned while taking on the monumental task that 1-I have a thing for skins, I just can't get rid of them. 2- I own waaaay to many costumes that again I refuse to part with. Okay so I may not run around Sl looking like Mary Poppins ever, but does that mean I HAVE to part with it? And who doesn't like dressing up as a furry skunk or slutty nun? 3-The lingerie in my inventory is growing cobwebs on it from never seeing the light of day. Whats worse is that doesn't even stop me from getting more. One of these days you may just see me wandering around SL as a nun, a flapper or just in my lingerie so I can justify keeping it.

Now that my little ramble is over I will get back to talking about important stuff like clothes and shoes and how between ShinyThings and Armidi I am going to end up in the SL poorhouse with only my pretty things to console me.

Oh and if you haven't I highly suggest getting over to Last Call before you miss your last chance. In fact go several times because you may decided there are more goodies there that you can't live without then you first thought. And yes that is a non to subtle admission that I have waded through the lag there on more then one occasion picking up more pretties to fill my inventory right back up :)

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