Thursday, January 24, 2008


So maybe Sakura and I have been out of the loop or maybe we have found a secret fashion jewel, either way Paradisis is a new haunt of ours. Okay so maybe I have done a bit more shopping in there then her, but hey she does rock the armor they sell there pretty fiercely. I stumbled upon the shop when searching for the perfect neko skin (has anyone else noticed the shortage of good kitty skins?) Well I didn't spot any skins in the shop, but I did spot a whole bunch of other goodies that I had to have! The first thing I picked up was the wicked Nekita outfit. Not only does it include the dress, but also the accesories, choker, shoes and leg warmers too!
The next thing I had to have was the adorable cutie set. An adorable sweater with prims on the cuffs, collar and bottom, not to mention the legwarmers and socks with prim cuffs at the top. Each sweater set comes with a cute little black thong too. I originaly bought the sweater to wear with some Valentine's days skirts that Sakura made, but once I saw the Teasing jeans I knew I had to have them. So I decided to pair the jeans with the cutie sweater.
My favorite part of the jeans is the "Wild Kitty" written right on the bum! But could I stop there? Of course not! Once I saw the Lulu outfit I knew I had to have that as well. I mean what girl doesn't want to have paw prints on all her naughty parts? It makes it easier for the boys to know where to go ;)It comes with a flexi scarf, but I am not a big scarf fan so I left it off.
And if that weren't enough as I was writing this very post Ankhari Tammas, the creator of all this lovely there, realeased a new outfit! I tried to resist, but it's call was just too loud. Dolita, fabulous sculpties cufffs for the shorts, legwarmers (notice a trend here?),loose gloves and a hoodie. I am sure you will see me running around in it in some fashion over the next couple of days :)
Nekita outfit,Cutie sweater,Teasing jeans,and Dolita--Paradisis-
skin- []Trap[]neko skins
hair(in Nekita)Truth-Dora
hair(in Cutie and Lula) ETD-Patrica
hair(in Dolita)-Billie-Philotic Energy
ears & Tail collar and Trailmis boots- Lazy Places
sneakers(in Dolita)-Chucks in black- Darkstar Designs

I appoligize for the lack of SLURLs ....blogger seems to hate me today

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