Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jeans jeans glorious jeans

I have a new obsession in SL and that is jeans with prim legs. I live in my jeans in RL and at times I live in them in SL too. Today I have a little smattering of my favorites.

I guess I will start in the order I got them. My first jeans with prim legs I bought at Decoy. My favorite part of these jeans is the front part. Not the typical buttons and zippers. Definitely a different look, but in a very good way! The pack comes with jeans on the underwear and pants layer.


My next jean purchase came from LF Fashions. Sakura swears by these jeans so I had to dash over and snap up a pair. These jeans come with different prim options depending on the look you are going for. I am a fan of the prim legs to wear with heels. Pants come in both the pant layer and the underwear layer.


After that purchase a stumbled across the set of jeans from G.L.A.M. This set not only has long pants with prim choices, but also short shorts, capris with prims and boyshorts. As an extra bonus there is also a denim add on that gives the jeans rhinestone decorations in silver and gold. All pants are able to be worn on underwear and pants layers.


And last, but certainly not least, Encore just released a set of jeans with prims legs. As with the jeans from G.L.A.M there is a plethora of choices. My personal faves being the ripped versions. The pack includes long jeans, capris, shorts and cropped shorts. As with the others there are both underwear and pants layers.

Please pardon my amateurish photos, I swear I am gonna get better at taking them...eventually. Oh and as warned, The tail I am wearing in all the pictures is a creation by Sakura, sold at Lazy Places! My skin is one from [][]TRAP[][]

Product info and SLURLs --Decoy --LF Fashions --G.L.A.M --Encore --Lazy Places --[]Trap[]

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