Friday, January 25, 2008

A Bunneh In Boots

ZOMG!!! I'm invading the blog with my first post and I'm a bunneh!!!! Well I'm cute so :P Anyways I'm here to declare my undying love for the Sinistyle Deception boots. Sculpty primmy buckleish goodness all wrapped up in a lovely little bundle. These boots remind me of the boots you see on Cosplayers at any anime convention. Cute, sexy, and ankle breaking, lol.

and now for the credits Sinistyle Deception Boots - $450ld
Lost Furest Kani Female White - $800ld
artilleri Cute Claire Dress - $190ld
ETD Phoebe hair Fire Blackened - Freebie (please note this hair has been resized to fit the Kani head ^^ ETD has some awesome hair that with a little modding works great for furries)

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