Monday, May 9, 2016

Kitty Sitting

Watch my cats she asked, don't worry they are well behaved she said. I foolishly believed her.
Kitty Sitting

Now I am trying to get work done and there are kitties everywhere! Sure there are the well behaved ones chilling under my desk, but then there are the trouble makers. I didn't even think there was room in my purse for a cat to squeeze into! And then there is the one nestled in my box of receipts. I hope my accountant isn't allergic to cats. Then there is the grey one, he likes being on my desk, mostly on my keyboard so I am hoping the tablet will keep him occupied for a little while. One, two...six. Six!?!?! I could have sworn there were seven! Be right back I have a kitty to find!
Sneaky one

I found her! She crept upstairs. How I could have missed her purpleness not being downstairs with the rest is beyond me. Hopefully their mommy will be back from her trip soon. I think one on one is more my speed when it comes to kitties.

Dress: ::C'est lavie !:: Lisa cardigan(aqua)
Shoes: - Cora.Heels (Antique)
Jewelry: :[P]:- Victorienne Jewelry -Silver
Hair: [e] Sophia
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe
Skin: -GlamAffair - Caroline Jamaica - Clean F
Freckles: Izzie's - Freckles (face only)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Poltergeist
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper

Kitties: lassitude & ennui Mittens cats (at Gacha Garden)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Picnic Time

Picnic Pair

I thought it was time to drag Bunny out for a picnic. She was a bit on the reluctant side. Okay she was downright cranky about it, but she still agreed. Now normally in my posts I don't mention designers by name, but this time I am. Don't fear it's for a totally good reason. You see the cute pose I have going on here. Well I wouldn't have been able to take the picture if it weren't for Luna, the owner of !bang. You see the vendor spit out the wrong pose when I bought it and as soon as I let her know she sent me the proper pose and made things all better. She was really quick about it! well that is enough of my yammering for today, see you next time!

Phire Wore
Dress: =Zenith=Vintage Picnic Dress (all colors) Maitreya - RARE
Shoes: Ingenue :: Carmen Wedges (Maitreya) :: Cafe
Basket: =Zenith=Spring Picnic Rattan Basket B (Camel)
Hair: Clawtooth: Adventure Girl - Coffee with cream
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Gacha // April - Milk - Bloom
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes  - Poltergeist
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper 

Bunny Wore
Dress: =Zenith=Vintage Spring Dress (Choco)-Maitreya
Shoes: Ingenue :: Louise Heels (Maitreya) :: Latte
Hair: Exile:: Another Day Gone
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Gacha // April - Honey - Breezey
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Bio~ Ice Eye
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Pose: !bang - lineup

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mr. Grant and I

Mr. Grant and I

Mr Grant and I headed out for a day of sunshine. Mr. Grant it my dog, you see he is named after one of my favorite old actors, Cary Grant. There was just something about him in his films, but that is neither here nor there. Since my non digital life has been holding me hostage I have been hitting up events right before they close. Case in point Mr. Grant himself, you can grab him at The Chapter Four, but it ends tomorrow do hurry!

Shirt: The SecretStore - Honey Cotton Shirt - Chalk
Skirt: The SecretStore - Peggy Pleated Skirt - Black Polka
Glasses: Glamistry - Sunglasses [PU2014]
Necklace: Cae :: Whimsy :: Necklace :: Tahitian
Hair: **RE** Annie Hat - Naturals
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Gacha // April - Milk - Bloom
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Poltergeist
Mr. Grant: *Pink Acid Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 06 - (at The Chapter Four )

Pose: an lar [poses] The Dahlia Series

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Geppetto's Great Great Great Grandson

Being one of Geppetto's family you hear tale of how his son started off as a wooden boy. Now it may just be a tale told to explain the sudden appearance of a young boy at Geppetto's house, or it could be real. Over the years his family just came to accept it as it was and thought nothing of it. That is until his many greats grandson decided to test this story out.
A Wooden Lady

This young man went through all the hard work to crave himself a wooden lady. He was not ready to be a father. Night after night he would wait and wish on a star just as the story had told.
Each and every night he would carefully pose his wooden lady in hope that she would become real.
Why won't she be real

He may still be there waiting and wishing upon all the stars in the sky. Maybe a blue fairy will come to him and make her real for him. Or maybe he will give up this wold idea and go find himself a woman who is already living.

He Wore
Shirt: [Deadwool] Ed shirt - Slink vers. + susp. - mid blue
Pants: [Deadwool] Peak suit (wool) - trousers  - L. grey
Shoes: [Deadwool] Ulrich boots - (fitted) - brown
Hair: *Dura-Boy*57(Black)
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2  - Relaxed
Skin: Clef de Peau:Lucian:T5 Base Treasure Trail
Beard: [Deadwool] Full beard base

Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Soldier 

She Wore
 Top: (fd) Peplum Top - Lemon
Pants:  paper.arrow pedal.pushers red
Necklace: (fd) Ribbon Necklace – Blue
Shoes: Ingenue :: Lacy Flats  :: Tan (FLF)
Hair: Exile::Peaceful Easy Feeling
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 - Casual
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1
Skin: +FGInc.+ Wood Nymph, female Spring PG (at We ♥Roleplay)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes  - Poltergeist
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper

Arbor with poses: {what next} Spring Garden Arbor - RARE

Monday, March 21, 2016

We ♥ Roleplay

Today I am going to share two different looks that were inspired by pretties from We ♥ Roleplay. The first up in a sweet looking villager taking the time to stop and smell the daisies. I was feeling in the mood for flowers and warmth for this one.
Smelling the daisies

I just feels so warm and inviting, better than the snow I saw today that is for sure!

For this next one I went and embraced Fire, which most of you know is how my Second Life name is pronounced. Some claim I have named myself for my temper, but I am not *that* bad.
Fire Touched

What I think is really cool is the fact that both pictures use the same head applier, but with a change of lipstick and a different windlight it changes it. One looks pure and innocent and the other sexy and sultry. Shall we move on to the credits?

Picture One
Pants: lassitude & ennui Handstitched leather leggings (at We <3 RolePlay)
Top: PEQE - Femme Masculinne (at We <3 RolePlay)
Necklace: :[P]:- Maiklu Necklace [Cord]
Hair: [e] Sybil (at We <3 RolePlay)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Head: LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face
Head Applier:  DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Logo Heads "Face Kemina" Mixedtype (at Skin Fair 2016)
Poses: an lar [poses] The Garnet Series (at We <3 RolePlay)
Well: dust bunny . storybook living . wishing well (at The Arcade)
Trees and FlowersLittle Branch

Picture Two
Tail: !dM deviousMind "Erielle" **FIRE FISH**
Starfish: .:Wimey:. Cover Your Boobs Pls Gold
Necklace: *{Junbug}* Perles de la Mer - Pure Silver
Bracelet: *{Junbug}* De la Mer Bracelet Silver
Hair: Exile::Wink (at The Arcade)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Head: LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face
Head Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Logo Heads "Face Kemina" Mixedtype (at Skin Fair 2016)
Hand Tattoo: + Fallen Gods Inc. Fire Touch (at We <3 RolePlay)

Poses: oOo Studio: Pretty

My posts may be a bit sporadic as I am moving. I am going where there is no snow and lots of sunshine!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fire and Water

Fire and Water
When the Daughter of Fire and the Son of Water get together things get a little steamy. The world seems to fade away in a cloud of mist and fog. They can only sneak out and be together rarely. warring factions a-la Romeo and Juliet. However these two will not meet the same fate at those star crossed lovers, they are determined to find a way to make their love work. Maybe they can run off to Hawaii with the volcanoes and beaches they would be able to see one another more often. Lovers can dream right?

Water Wore
Sweater: ::GB:: V-deeply sweater (standard) _blue
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Cricket hair - Funky (at TMD)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 - Relaxed
Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc. Pure [xy] + Water (at We <3 Roleplay)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Soldier

Fire Wore
Dress: Dead Dollz - Mellie Dress - Black - Taken Outfit (at Gacha Garden)
Shoes: REIGN.- Suki Strapped Heels (Maitreya-High)
Hair: Exile::Memory Bliss
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
Head: LOGO Alex v3.0 
Skin Applier: +Fallen Gods Inc. Pure [xx] +Fire (at We <3 Roleplay)

Photos taken at Winter Moon

Friday, February 12, 2016

Lifting little weight

This counts as a workout

Okay so maybe the weight isn't being lifted just held up. It still counts as leg work though right? We are hanging out in the kitty corner of doom! Just like in any house with little kids the soft squishy things that Livy is allowed to play with are on the bottom shelf. She is a well behaved little thing, but sometime even the best behaved can be curious little creatures. Livy is like her Auntie Phire, she adores kitties. I may have had some fun playing the Little Llama gacha machine at The Gacha Garden. You should go forth and get your kitty on too.

I Wore
Pajamas:  Dead Dollz - Chandler - Blue
Hair: [e] Khloe
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head:  LOGO Alex v3.0
Head Applier: Glam Affair - Cloe Appleirs for LOGO - Jamaica

Livy Wore
Outfit: {PB} Aryiana
Sneakers: {PB} Heart Sneaker
Water bottle: Little Llama - CATS! Water Bottle (at The Gacha Garden)
Hair: [e] Miya
Body: Cutebytes- BABY - Girl (ToddleeDoo)
Skin: (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI EYES #ghana sweet
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) MEI-MEI :cream:
Pose: {L.I.} I Can Touch My Toes

Shelf: {what next} Amelie Bookcase
Cat Stuff on shelf
Little Llama - CATS! Purse w/Eyes (at The Gacha Garden)
Little Llama - CATS! Purse (at The Gacha Garden)
Little Llama - CATS! Lamp (at The Gacha Garden)
Little Llama - CATS! Waffle Friend (at The Gacha Garden)
Little Llama - CATS! Planter (at The Gacha Garden)
Little Llama - CATS! Loaf Friend (at The Gacha Garden)
Rug: Little Llama - CATS! Rug (at The Gacha Garden)
Pillow: Little Llama - CATS! Pillow (at The Gacha Garden)
Lights in fireplace: +Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter