Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Elf work is hard

Mid-day Nap

       Can anything beat a mid-day nap, I mean other than a liquid lunch. That's right I blog for the first time in a month and it's all about booze and sleeping. Hey a girl has her priorities. I would love to say I didn't blog because I was off doing something really awesome, but the truth is my mess of an inventory scared me so much I was crippled by it. Today I forced myself to clean up my mess. I found many treasures buried in there. Hopefully I will get off my bum and blog all the things. For today I have some goodies from current events. I figured it was easier to start that way. Onto the credits as I have to go wrap a birthday present in my non digital life. And a Happy early birthday to my partner in crime Sakuradawn!


Top: !dM Cassia - **FAIRYGROVE**
Skirt: :::Sn@tch Boston Mini Skirt:::
Boots: lassitude & ennui Lictor boots brown (@ We ♥ Roleplay)
Necklace: Kibitz - Pheo necklace - onyx (@ Kustom9)
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ear
Head: CATWA HEAD Kathy v3.2
Head Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers*  "Kyouko" European
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Photos taken here

Friday, May 25, 2018

Wedding Season

      May and June are always chock full of celebration's that it can get exhausting. Not only do you have graduations, but there are weddings around every corner. Sometime you are a guest and other times you are in the bridal party. That means photos, and lots of them. You do your duty for as long as you possibly can, but then you just need to let loose. Maybe while you picture partner is looking pretty for the camera you can give a quick wink to the hottie best man.

Photo Flirt

      If you are lucky you won't get caught by  the photographer. I don't suggest doing such at a graduation party, unless they are finished with college. In that case flirt away!


I wore
Dress: Belle Epoque { Sandra } Red (at FaMESHed)
Earrings: Amala - The Madeline Earrings
Necklace: Kibitz - Gentle touch necklace - white - silver
Hair: TRUTH / Lady
Head: CATWA HEAD Kathy v3.2
Face Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Sarina" Mixedtype
Lipstick Applier: Izzie's - All The Colors Matte Lipstick Set (Catwa)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Bunny Wore
Dress: Belle Epoque { Sandra } Pink (at FaMESHed)
Necklace: Cae :: Lovebirds :: Necklace
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Victoria Mesh Hair - A
Head: CATWA HEAD Magy v3.1
Face Applier: GlamAffair - Selina - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Asia(at Gacha Garden)
Eyes: Izzie's - Winter Eyes brown green
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Friends 197

Gazebo: tarte. ashley gazebo
Cake: Cherryhouse-{C.H}-Wedding on the grass-The wedding cake
Table: The Project Se7en-Gift-Table-Cherry house (now a group gift)
Light: Refuge - Spring Gala Table Light White (at FaMESHed)
Balloon: Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Silver and Gold)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

She Who Runs Wild

      There once was a drow who was unlike any other. She was born with strange red marking upon her skin that no one could seem to translate. As she grew older she didn't seem to favor the typical drow way of life. For starters she was far kinder and had an affinity for animals, big ones, like the snarling wolves of the forest. She would spend all her time there with them.

She who runs with beasts

      Once day a wise drow from another tribe came to see hers. When he saw her markings he couldn't believe his eyes. He had only ever seen the markings once before. He walked up to her and asked he if she knew what her markings meant. "They mean she who runs wild, at least that is what I believe it to say." He relied, "No my child those markings mean you were touched by the light. You will never fit in with drow society for you do not have the darkness within you that we all possess. To say she was stunned was an understatement. In her sadness she fled to the forest to seek comfort with the only creatures who had ever loved her, the wolves.



From Fantasy Faire *
Outfit: [TF]  IILOTHIL - Chasm of Doom
Skin/Body applier: A&A Drow Moonlight Skin Applier
Hair: Wasabi // Mayra Mesh Hair – A
Tattoo: -EndlessPain Tattoos- Thyra // - red
Eye Applier: ZS Demon Eyes V2

Head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.16
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Wolves:  ... SpotCat ... Wolf #02
Wolf with pose: ...SpotCat ... Wolf #06
Poses: *EP* Tina poses

* These link directly to their Fantasy Faire Booth

Monday, April 30, 2018

Fantasy Faire - It's not over yet!

      While today may be the last day of scheduled events the Fairelands will not be disappearing just yet. It seems good this can happen when you put a Linden or several into cages. They magically extend the time of your event. Disclaimer *Do not try to catch a Linden and cage them. It may not end as well for you.*

Jail & Bail - Lindens

      What I am saying is that the faire has been extended a week. Which is good new for me since I still have a ton I want to show you! First of all the different realms of the Fairelands. I am certain you could wander through these and still not see all the little details that make it so special.


      One of my favorite sims this year was Tiny Town. Don't get me wrong all the builds are wonderful, but this sim had waffles! Tiny cute denizens and waffles. You can take your picture with a few of the townsfolk, and eat some waffles as you wander.

Tiny Town


      I think I may have mentioned the waffles a time or two, but hey waffles are one of my favorite comfort foods. Another thing you can do at the faire is the Quest. It's always fun because you get to travel to all the sims and the special quest sim.

The Start of a Quest

      To start the quest you open your little quest package, which is shaped like the Fantasy Faire logo if you weren't aware. It's pretty and it's glows and it will lead you to a hoard of treasures. Seriously the edges of your inventory will swell to the seams when you get to the treasure at the end, but it's totally worth it. As you go through the story line for the quest you pick up a cute little friend, Cheer. If you want you can get yourself a cheer avatar when you pick up your quest HUD, then you can be an adorable "knight" too.

Quest Pal

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Broccoli and the Mershroom

      Once upon a time in a far off universe there lived a glamorous purple broccoli named Petunia. Petunia loved to go to the beach to relax ignore the whole world.

Petunia the purple Broccoli

      Petunia could only stand so much reading till she got restless. Now wanting to get her freshly fluffed florets wet she decided to walk along the beach. While she was wandering the beach she noticed something in the distance. Now she had heard tales of magical creatures living in the water that were half fish and half mushroom, but she always believed them to be tales for children. There was no way such a thing could exist right? Well she found out that day that not only were they real, they were friendly too.

When Shroomie met Petunia

   Petunia introduced herself to the mershroom. She found out his name was Mervin and was excited to meet someone new. The two spent the rest of the day and into the night chatting. When the moon was high in the sky they started to tell each other spooky stories. Mervin told Petunia a tale of a land where mad creature put broccoli in bags and then put them into a weird oven sort of thing until they become soft. The worst part of all was that these strange creature would then eat the broccoli! Not to be outdone Petunia told Mervin a story about a land of strange giants. These giants loved nothing more than to put sliced up mushrooms and small little fish on dough with other things, shove it all in an oven, and then devour it. These giants called it pizza and it was a doughy circle of doom! After there horrified chills ended the spent the rest of the night staring at the stars, becoming the best of friends.

Stargazing and story telling

Broccoli Avatar: Belle Epoque* { RFL Broccoli }
Sunglasses: Glamistry - Sunglasses [PU2001]
Mershroom Avatar: (Polenth's Mushporium)*  Mershroomie Avatar

Picnic blanket & basket: [ARIA] Arlette picnic SET

* These lead to the booth at Fantasy Faire

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Girl and her Bear

      I am sure many of you have seen Toy Story, have read or been read The Velveteen Rabbit, or maybe you saw the movie Ted. Well this story is kind of like squishing all of those together. You see there once was a little girl who loved ballet. While her aunt was out shopping one day she came across a poseable bear in a tutu and thought it would be perfect for her niece.

Ballet Bear

      The little girl was very serious when it came to her ballet practice, but she loved having her bear do the moves with her. Over time the bear started to move on it's own. It would copy the little girl's dance moves as she practiced. The little girl realized she must have a magical bear! As time went on the little bear improved it's ballet skills and started showing off for the little girl.

Show off

      The little girl was astonished and tried to tell her aunt and mother about her magical bear, but whenever she tried to show them the bear just stood still. Now one but the little girl saw the bear dance on it's own. Over time the little girl grew and became a famous ballerina, and her bear was always with her, watching and learning so they could dance together.


The Bear
Bear Avatar: *G-D* Ballerina-Bear (yellow) (at Fantasy Faire)*
Poses: Sari-Sari - Ballet (bento)

The Girl
Outfit: [M] Bebe Jessica Top & Jeans  - Pistachio
Shoes: {T.T}Henrietta BEBE FITTED
Hair: Magika - A Perfect Mess
Head: {Bad Seed}  Bebe Baboo Bento Head V 2.5
Head Applier: {Bad Seed} Allison Skin
Body: {Bad Seed}  Bebe Body Fitted V 2.3.1
Poses: {Bellybean } Casual Bento Poses

The décor
Ballet Bar: NACH Ballet Barre
Lights: NACH String Lights

* Link leads to shop at Fantasy Faire

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Woodcutter and His Daughters

      There was once a woodcutter who lived on the outskirts of town near the forest. He lived in a cottage with his three beautiful daughters, Theresa, Sofia and Angelina. Every evening their father would tell them tales of princes, princesses, faeries and all manner of forest dwellers. Theresa and Sofia loved the stories where a prince falls in love with a young maiden, while Angelina had no use for her father's far fetched tales.

Woodcutter and his family

      One day the girls father went out into the forest and never returned. The following day Theresa set out to look for her father. She wandered the forest until she came upon a being in a tree. "Excuse me up there. Have you seen a woodcutter?", Theresa asked. "No my child I have seen no woodcutter, but I have seen a handsome gentleman wander the path to your left. I know that young man to be your one true love. You should hurry after him!" the tree spirit told the poor girl, and off she went chasing after true love. On the second day Sofia repeated the actions of her sister, but instead following the path to the left, she went right to find her true love.

Theresa and Sofia

      On the third day Angelina followed the well trodden path to the tree where the spirit lived. As with her sisters the tree spirit tried to entice Angelina to follow a path to find her true love. However Angelina was not like here sisters and insisted that the spirit tell her where he father was. After some back and forth the spirit of the tree relented and released her father from a cage behind the tree. Together they ventured home to the little cottage they called home. Angelina didn't tell her father that her sisters would be waiting there with there true loves. She figured he had been through enough already.

Welcome Home Papa


From the Faire*
Daughter’s Dresses: -=MaG=- Angelina, -=MaG=- Sofia, -=MaG=- Theresa
Tree Spirit’s Dress: *LE* Yula Leather - Maitreya
Tree Spirit’s Mask: (*<*) 1313 Cthaeh Mask - Higher LOD
Chair: **Mistique** Rustic Chair Brown
Couch: **Mistique** Rustic Couch Brown
Ruined walls: SimplyShelby Medieval Ruin Walls
Tree: Bad Katz Forest Tree 1-RFL

The Woodcutter

Outfit: >glYph< Dougal
Hair: *Dura-Boy*57(Wood Bark)
Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel
Head Applier: VYC - CRAIG Face
Beard: [Deadwool] Full beard - black -
Body: [Signature] Gianni Body - Body - v4.5
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes  - Soldier

The Daughters

Head Applier: Essences Selena #Medium01 (Catwa Applier)(April Powder Pack)
Eye Applier: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Yonder Eyes Fantasy
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Zoya [Rigged] (Angelina)
          TRUTH / Sorcha ( Sofia and Theresa)

The Tree Spirit
Boots: lassitude& ennui Bernadotte boots Maitrteya Lara -brown
Head Applier: --- PUMEC - Asha  -  May – (April Powder Pack)
Eye Applier: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Yonder Eyes Fantasy
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Hair: //Wasabi Pills// Gemma Mesh Hair - Style 1

Woodcutter & Angelina: an lar [poses] Sweet Duo
Sofia and Theresa: *EP* Catherine Poses
Angelina: *EP* Janelle Poses
Tree Spirit: ::WetCat:: "Push" Sits

Other Décor
Grass: LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons}
Trees: Jian - Ash Tree (Triple)

* These lead to their shops  at Fantasy Faire